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I discovered the amazing increasehappiness.com website in April 2010. When I went back to read it again, I found it was gone and the domain was for sale. So, I purchased it and recreated this website to help others. If you have questions or feedback please email travis at increasehappiness dot com.

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9. Start Now

You might wonder how to start using IncreaseHappiness.com, but the fact is, you have practiced Affirmology since the day you were born. Survival Desires made you who you are today, and will determine who you are tomorrow.

The question is: will you now make the Strong Choice to master your Survival Desires and Increase Happiness?

To make that Choice, start with a Desire. The Desire you seek needn’t be your life’s ambition. You can start small:
If you can’t choose a Desire, then you have already chosen. Your first Desire will be to find your second Desire.


Once you have chosen, write your Desire on several pieces of paper and post them where you will see them daily. You may also want to use other reminders such as: photographs, notes on your computer screen, or even recordings.

In written form, your Affirmations should specify what you like or enjoy doing. And you should focus on the Pain. For example:
During the day, when you see a reminder, imagine yourself accomplishing your Desire. In particular, think about the effort, or Pain, required for success. Remember to develop concrete consistent pictures in your mind.

Ask yourself if you can minimize Pain and still accomplish your Desire? You might conclude you need to accomplish smaller steps that lead up to your ultimate Desire. In that case, make additional reminders for each of those steps.

Next, consider what might prevent you from accomplishing your Desire. List the reasons why you might fail. Then decide which of those reasons are Excuses.

When you find an Excuse, write a new Desire to eliminate it. The Desire might just be a change in attitude. Make reminders for those Desires just like the others, and Affirm them daily.

After that, have an open mind. When you follow these steps and Affirm daily, your life will change. The change might come in many ways.

One day you might have a new idea, or you might find yourself doing something that you have needed to do for a while. You might meet someone new, or separate from a bad influence.

As you Affirm daily, your Desires will also change. You might think of new Desires, or realize that you no longer want an old one. The changes might be slow and subtle at first, but they will happen.

It is impossible to know how your life will change, but it will. When you improve your Desires and Excuses, you will naturally improve your Choices. Better Choices will result in a better, and Happier, life.


In addition to reviewing your Desires, you should also review IncreaseHappiness.com. The information in this website is concentrated. Re-read these pages from time to time and you will find new insights.

Also, please contribute to the IncreaseHappiness.com community. We want to know about your successes, and help you with your failures. Let us hear your comments and questions.
Finally, please consider making the Strong Choice to Help Others.

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