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I discovered the amazing increasehappiness.com website in April 2010. When I went back to read it again, I found it was gone and the domain was for sale. So, I purchased it and recreated this website to help others. If you have questions or feedback please email travis at increasehappiness dot com.

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12. Executive Summary

This Executive Summary offers an overview of IncreaseHappiness.com. To get an expanded view, subscribe to our free Newsletter and you will see real-life examples of IncreaseHappiness.com at work.

1. We are all trying to Increase Happiness, which means more Pleasure than Pain. To do so we need to make good Choices. Our survival instincts often get in our way.

2. Mental Survival is how our brains keep us the way we are. You can overcome Mental Survival through repeated mental images (Affirmations) to change your Desires and therefore your Choices.

3. All the good things you want come at a price. You will have those things only when you Choose to pay that price. You need to focus more on what you will give than on what you will get.

4. Mental Survival also creates Excuses (rationalizations) to keep you from making better Choices. To change, you need to Admit Failure and eliminate your Excuses.

5. Survival Instincts play a large role in your Relationships with others. You need to learn how to put them to work for you.

6. More Survival Instincts keep you from improving your Health. You need to understand Survival Desires in order to overcome them.

7. Understanding the true nature of Wealth will help you earn more.

8. Responsibility is the building block of society, yet many seek to destroy it. By destroying responsibility, Junk Help threatens Happiness for you and everyone else.

9. You can start today to Increase Happiness and make the world a better place for yourself and others.

10. Please help by signing up for our free Newsletter, and sharing your thoughts and experiences with others.