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I discovered the amazing increasehappiness.com website in April 2010. When I went back to read it again, I found it was gone and the domain was for sale. So, I purchased it and recreated this website to help others. If you have questions or feedback please email travis at increasehappiness dot com.

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10. Help Others

You have an Instinctive Survival Desire to Help others. You can pursue that Desire to Increase Happiness for yourself. As long as you avoid Junk Help, you will also make the world a better place for everyone else.

What kind of Help do others need? There is tremendous suffering in our world, much of it selfinflicted. But people who harm themselves can also help themselves.

They need to be shown how. They need to understand how their current Desires and Excuses cause their current problems. They need to learn how to Increase Happiness.

Please help spread the word about IncreaseHappiness.com. Let others know what you have discovered. Use our link to Tell A Friend, or place a link to this site in your email signature, a forum signature, or on your web site.

If you know someone influential, you might ask them personally to look at this site. And you can use Survival Desires to help spread IncreaseHappiness.com. Make an Affirmation to share your knowledge with the world.

And share your knowledge with us. Please give us a Comment or a Question. Your insight may be featured in our Newsletter, on our website, or in a future book.

All Happy people use at least some of the principles of IncreaseHappiness.com. Most of us learn the hard way. Some are lucky and pick it up naturally, or are taught by their parents.

Now that you know about IncreaseHappiness.com, you have the opportunity to level the playing field for others. Even if you haven't mastered everything, share it with others and learn together.

You can expect some people will not embrace Affirmology immediately. They might be defending too many Excuses, and reluctant to Admit Failure. Don't let them discourage you from finding those who will appreciate your recommendation.

Most importantly, you can set a good example. The most valuable difference you can make is to show others how to be Happy. You can't control others, but you can, and should, control yourself.

Learn how to Increase Happiness. In your pursuits, you will directly benefit the people you engage through Voluntary Transactions. And your Happiness will make the world a better place for yourself and everyone else.

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